When can the NIFTY test conducted?

The NIFTY test can be performed after the combined test, in Week 12 of pregnancy at the earliest, but no later than Week 24.

In principle, this test can be performed before Week 12, but its use is not indicated before Week 12. So far, there is no sufficient data on the reliability of the NIFTY test in pregnancies before Week 12 and an insufficient amount of genetic material in the maternal peripheral blood can lead to invalid results, tests that have to be repeated and delays due to these problems. Therefore, it is recommended to communicate the detailed results of the ultrasound test performed in order to provide an accurate estimation of the gestational age, especially in early pregnancy.

If the NIFTY test is positive, amniotic fluid sampling or chorionic villus sampling should be carried out, for which a sample is taken from the fetal cells, and the fetal chromosomes are examined to provide a 100% confirmation of the NIFTY test results.

Can the NIFTY test be inconclusive?