More than 5.000.000 tests worldwide


Non-invasive, no risk of miscarriage

The test is performed without posing any risk to the baby

Unlike invasive tests, NIFTY test does not require inserting a needle through the abdomen which poses a risk of miscarriage.


Scientifically documented evidence for >99% accuracy in cases of trisomies

>99% negative prediction value

This means that if NIFTY test is negative, we can be sure by that value about no Down, Edwards or Patau syndrome is present at the baby


5.000.000 + NIFTY™ tests was performed worldwide until today

NIFTY™ test is the most widely used prenatal test

No other non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) was performed as widely as NIFTY™ test thanks to the extraordinary reliability of this test


Results can be obtained after 5-7 workdays after the sample was submitted to the laboratory*

It is really that quick

We obtain 1 cm3 maternal blood after a quick